Case Studies

Case studiesHere are just a few examples of successful treatments I have given to various clients, for obvious reasons the names used in the examples have been changed.


Peter suffered from erectile dysfunction for fifteen years, after seeking medical help it was determined that Peter’s problems were more psychological than physical and he was advised to see a hypnotherapist. 

After three sessions we were able to find the underlying causes of the problem and Peter once again enjoys a healthy sexual relationship with his wife.


Margaret was diagnosed with clinical depression, after suffering from panic attacks, insomnia, IBS and high levels of continuous anxiety. She came to see me for help with these issues and to regain control of her life once more.
After a number of sessions we were able to identify the source of these problems - the major one being child abuse.
Margaret is now able to speak openly about her past and no longer feels guilty for the events that happened in her childhood. She no longer suffers from panic attacks; she can once again sleep soundly at night and she has become a confident and focused person.


David came to see me regarding confidence issues – he was unable to project himself in the direction he wanted to go and felt something was holding him back. 
We established the underlying cause of his problem – he had been bullied at school from the age of 12 and this had impacted his life ever since. 
After three sessions working on this, David’s outlook became far more focussed and his self confidence improved immeasurably and he has changed his career to concentrate on something he really loves.


Christine had a weight problem, she wanted to lose weight and had been on countless diets but as soon as she finished the diet, she immediately put the pounds back on. During our sessions we established that her weight issue was deeply rooted in her past. Once we had dealt with this, Christine was able to feel more confident within herself and began to lose weight and keep it off.

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